What is Sunwalker?

The Story

Embark on an adventure with Anne, a lone survivor in a strange world, as she traverses through scorched terrains, staying in the shadows, uncovering clues along the way, as she slowly starts to piece together what happened...


By leveraging our teams experience in gaming, feature animation, VFX, and storytelling, our game offers unique cinematic camera positioning, allowing the player to be fully immersed in the VR experience. With clear visuals, fast and precise tracking, and no visual inconsistencies, players are free to comfortably explore and unravel Anne's story in the strange and beautiful digital world of SUNWALKER.


Until now, most VR games focus on short arcade-like experiences, which lack deep, immersive, emotional gameplay. We want to change that, by leveraging our experience, working on Oscar winning titles, and apply it to the environment, characters, interaction, and adventures in SUNWALKER. Ultimately building a beautiful, immersive, unforgettable, open-story VR game, that everyone in the world will want to experience.


By creating an open-story experience, SUNWALKER empowers the player to create their own narrative in this strange and unknown world, by allowing them to experience the expanse of this epic VR environment, find clues about what happened, while building an emotional connection with the main character, Anne.